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Contact Us

6635 W. Happy Valley Road
Suite A104 #294 Glendale, AZ 85310

Phone: (800) 353-7217


IT Admin Solutions

IT Admin Solutions offers a wide range of IT services. We support all flavors of Linux, including the latest version of Red Hat ( RHEL 5 ), to open source flavors like CentOS. We support legacy UNIX equipment, including, but not limited to, HP 9000 servers running HP-UX, and IBM Pseries servers running AIX.

In addition to Linux and UNIX support, we also offer full support on all Microsoft products, including Server 2007 & Vista. IT Admin Solutions offers Web hosting and e-mail hosting on Linux servers. IT Admin Solutions also offers Web design specializing in small - medium businesses. Our rates are very competitive and our quality unmatched.

Our services include both onsite and remote and our administrators are available 24/7/365.